A Handy Visual Featuring 24 Formative Assessment Tools for Teachers

The visual below is based on the post we published earlier today titled ‘Some of The Best Formative Assessment Tools for Teachers’. The post features over 20 web tools together with their descriptions leaving no space to include the infographic we created for it so we decided to publish it separately here. For links and related resources please check the original post. For those of you interested in downloading a PDF version of this visual, you can access it here.Formative assessment as we have stated elsewhere  ‘is an ongoing form of assessment that takes place during students learning. In their book ‘Literacy 2.0: Reading and Writing in 21st Century Classrooms’,  Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher differentiated between assessment of learning (summative assessment) and assessment for learning (formative assessment). The purpose of formative assessment is to check students understanding during the learning process. Based on insights collected through formative assessment, teachers get to adjust their instructional  strategies to attend to students’ emerging learning needs better plan for future teaching/learning opportunities.’ 

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