50 Reasons Why Free Play Is Important for Your Students

Purposeful play is an essential component in children’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development. Through play kids get to discover and explore the world around them. As Maslow stated ’almost all creativity involves   purposeful play’. Several studies, see visual below, confirmed the importance of play and recess in building healthy environments that are conducive to optimal learning experiences for kids. Some of the advantages of free play for kids, students, and even adults include: it boost one’s moral and energizes their sense of optimism; develops kids communicative, social and cultural competences; enables children to practice learning by doing;  provides kids with an outlet to express their emotions and build social relationships; play develops kids self-esteem and confidence; it is also ‘an opportunity for kids to really see the best in themselves’.The visual below from Playground Equipment, features 50 reasons why play is important in kids social and scholarly life. Check it out and share with us your feedback in our Facebook page.Thanks to Kimberly Hart‏ (@KimberlyEHart) through whose tweet we discovered this resource

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