A Great New Google Sites Feature for Teachers

The New Google Sites has released today a new feature which allows you to control who can see the content you publish on your Google Sites. This feature allows you to publish your content to a specific audience. This is especially useful if you have a Google Sites site for your class. You can create and publish content that can be viewed only by your students or anyone else you specify. The process is very simple: write your content, publish it on your site in Google Sites, then from there click on ‘Share with others’ button and change the published settings to ‘Specific people can view when published’. Next, add the individuals you want in the “Invite people” box and select “Can view published.” For now, this new feature is available only for Sites users on the web. It will roll out to Sites users on Android and iOS over the next few weeks.
For those of you not familiar with the new Google Sites, here is one of our visuals we published awhile ago showing you how you can create a site for your classroom using the new Google Sites. 

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