7 Tools to Organize Student Academic Writing

Here’s something most educators can agree on: many students struggle with academic
writing. Assigned essays and papers cause stress and, consequently, procrastination
and even plagiarism. As a rule, such reaction is due to the lack of writing skills,
critical thinking, and understanding of the topic. To help mentees master academic
writing, share these seven tools with them. The instruments cover all steps a student
takes on the way to crafting an essay: research, outlining, writing, editing, and proper
citing.1) PlagiarismCheck.org 

This sophisticated tool spots duplications in academic writings. PlagiarismCheck.org
helps to find poor rewriting and paraphrase, as well as wrong citations and references,
providing a permanent report for students to edit a paper accordingly. 2) Strategies For Essay Writing This resource from Harvard College Writing Center will help students learn the fundamental elements of academic writing and understand what’s the catch in high grades for an essay. 3) Citation Machine

 Citation Machine helps students learn how to cite sources. Also, it provides
recommendations on grammar and style used in a paper. 4) Word Counter Free to use, Word Сounter polishes student writings. It ranks overused words in a text
body for an author to revise and therefore improve it. 5) Cliche Finder Students tend to use clichés in writings. This tool detects them and substitutes with
better word expressions.
 6) Thesis Builder 

Another problem most students have while writing is a thesis statement. This web
resource will assist them and also help to outline an essay online. 7) Teen Ink 


This web tool will provide students with dozens of essay samples written by their
peers. Your mentees will learn different essay structures and get inspiration for
crafting own works.This is a sponsored post by Plagiarismcheck.org

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