An Excellent Web Tool to Create Jeopardy-Like Games

JeopardyLabs is an excellent web tool that allows you to easily create Jeopardy-like games without the need for PowerPoint. We have already reviewed it in the past, however,  if you haven’t it already seen it you may want to try it out and explore its educational potential in your teaching. The process to design a  customized Jeopardy template is simple and easy and does not require registration. If you don’t want to create your own Jeopardy template you can browse a huge library of templates made by other users. You can either access the featured list of all Jeopardy templates or use the integrated search functionality to look for specific templates.

To start creating a Jeopardy game, head over to its homepage and click on “Create a Jeopardy game”. Create a password for your game so you can use it whenever you want to edit the game. Next, enter the title of your game and category names and use the cells to input your questions and answers. You can add rows and columns as needs be. When you are done click on “Save and finish”. All Jeopardy games created this way are publicly available. Alternatively, you can join JeopardyLabs ($20 for a lifetime membership) and benefit from the added features like: insertion of images and math equations; “embed videos/audio files from YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc; add more questions to your game; easily manage all your JeopardyLabs templates; make your games private (great for business folks); and show off all your (public) templates at a special UR.

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