Teach from Home- An Excellent Google Resource to Enhance Your Remote Teaching

Teach from Home is great educational resource created by Google in partnership with other parties (e.g., UNESCO and ISTE). It is “a temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis”. The site features a wide variety of resources to help teachers make the best of technology (Google, understandably, only relates to its own products) in remote teaching. Below are some of the main resources provided by Teach from Home.

There is a section that provides tips, strategies and tools on how you can engage in remote teaching activities using video calls. For instance, you will get to learn how to ‘set up your home for video calling’, ‘how to start a video call with your class’, how to conduct ‘live Q and A’s with your class, and how to livestream your class. There is also another section with resources to help you with your distance teaching without the need for video calls. In this section, you will learn how to use Google Classroom to engage your students and enhance collaboration. You will equally learn how to create a class website using Google Sites, how to create online quizzes and forms using Google Forms, and how to provide real-time feedback using Google Docs.To make learning accessible to all students, Teach from Home provides a number of tutorials teachers can draw on to tap into the educational potential of accessibility features in some of Google Products. These include tutorials on how to use accessibility features on Chromebooks and G Suite, how to use voice dictation on services like Docs and Slides, and how to enable captions on Google Meet.There is also a section with resources to keep your students engaged in learning. In this section you will have access to tutorials on how to support students’ discussions on Google Classroom, how to collaboratively create mind maps and diagrams on a virtual whiteboard,  and how to  enhance teacher-parent communication using Guardian Notifications. There are also resources to help you stay in touch with other teachers including: how to use Google Drive to share teaching materials, how to use Google Chat to connect with colleagues, and how to use Google Groups to share updates.

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