Apps to Take Students on 3-D Gallery Tours to Art Exhibitions from All Around The World

The current lockdown has tremendously restricted our  physical movement but we still can do a lot virtually. We can still travel virtually and discover new places and learn about their cultures using, for instance, popular platforms such as Google Art and Culture. However, if you are an arts fan and would love to virtually explore museums and art galleries from all around the world, the apps below are a great place to start with. I learned about these apps from a recent post from The Washington Post and thought you might be interested in checking them out as well. You can also use these apps with your students to engage them in immersive art experiences and help them discover beautiful art works from all around the world.1- Eazel

With Eazel you can enjoy the wonders of global art right from the comfort of your couch. Eazel takes you in virtual VR Tours to museums and art exhibitions wherever they are. “Eazel works to provides you with easy ways to access and enjoy exhibits that are hard to see in person due to limitations in time or distance”. You don’t only get to see artworks but also learn about artists, exhibitions, art events and many more. You can also take 3-D tours of cities such as Hong Kong, Paris, Seoul,.. etc and discover their  art world and learn more about their cultural systems.2- Artland

Using  3D/VR technology, Artland enables you to virtually explore the world’s most popular art exhibitions, giving you access to their art collections, and, if you are a diehard art fan, you have the option to buy artworks from various popular galleries. As a teacher, you can use this app with your students to take them on interactive walks around exhibitions, for instance, in New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Brussels and many more. Artland gives you “the opportunity to visit or revisit exhibitions in the world’s great gallery destinations.”

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