Use VideoProc to Edit Your 4K Large Videos instead of Mobile Video Editor

Videos have turned into the coolest new form of sharing information and knowledge over the internet. This has also led to an increase in demand for video editing applications which can help you impart a professional touch to your simple shots. People often opt for mobile applications to get the editing work done in a flash. But in most cases, they render below-par results by degrading the video quality. 

Keeping such things in mind, our experts have scanned the market for video editors and have unanimously decided on VideoProc to be the best available option. Today we are going to discuss in brief about VideoProc and how it can serve as your best bet for undertaking video editing operations.
Best Choice for Processing Large VideosVideoProc has been specially devised for processing 4K, 8K and other large sized videos. You can work with a variety of media files including 4K UHD, 240fps and 120fps videos as well as the slow-mo ones without facing any trouble. Batch processing supported by VideoProc helps in adding multiple video files to the processing queue. Once the files have been added, they are analysed and displayed along with all important parameters in the interface. Users can gain a clear understanding of the file name, audio and video codec, playtime, video resolution and many more from the thumbnail versions. VideoProc supports full hardware acceleration which helps it in handling 4K video conversions in a seamless manner. Compared to peer video processing software like Handbrake and Movavi, VideoProc can delight users with its super-fast results. An Extremely Versatile Video Editing Solution

The biggest USP of VideoProc lies in the fact that it helps in undertaking a variety of video processing activity under one roof. Let us now take a look at the operations you can perform using this multi-utility tool:4K video files can be rotated and flipped as per requirement. Their playback speed can also be changed for a more professional look and feel.
Different filters and preset visual effects can be added to the 4K video files such as Mirror, Grayscale, Painting, Edge and Sharpen. It thus becomes very easy to stylize the videos by fine-tuning image brightness, colors, contrast, gamma, hue and saturation.
Users can easily cut and crop the videos for creating small yet impactful content which can garner the interest of its target audience in no time.
One of the biggest threats which looms over the digital world is illegal use of videos without asking for the owner’s permission. VideoProc can have your back in such a case by allowing users to apply text or picture watermarks on the video files.
It even supports various advanced functions like deshaking or denoising 4K videos captured using GoPro and similar action cameras. The videos can be easily reframed at 30/ 60/ 120 and 240 fps.
4K videos can be easily downscaled to 1080p using VideoProc without making any sacrifice in terms of the original video quality.
Download VideoProc > GPU Accelerated Tool4K resolution is bringing a paradigm change in the field of video entertainment. But it is imposing tough challenges on our device hardware and software. Users can be seen complaining about freezes, glitches and stutters while trying to process 4K video. The entire scenario becomes tougher for RAW files shot using high-end cameras integrated with HEVC and other compressed codecs. GPU acceleration can serve as your ultimate nirvana in such a scenario. VideoProc possesses level-3 hardware acceleration at its core which speeds up the whole process. It offloads both encoding and decoding of videos apart from video processing to GPU from CPU. This provides substantial relief to CPU by lowering down its usage while increasing processing speed by 47 times.

ConclusionAdvancement in technology are equipping modern day mobile phones with state-of-art video shooting hardware which helps to capture rich frames. But the same cannot be said about the software side of the story. People often opt for freeware’s which are limited in terms of abilities in video editing. There are also a few professional ones but they impose a stringent learning curve making them ill-suited for amateur users. In such a scenario, VideoProc can serve as your ultimate ally with its innumerable tools which can help you undertake 4K video editing in an easy manner. It is comparatively lightweight than peer tools and can also speed up your video editing chores to a great extent. The USP of VideoProc lies in processing lengthy and high-quality videos without any quality loss. So, try it out today and get ready to unleash the full potential of your GPU with this multi-functional software. VideoProc is presently offer discount for the full license purchase. Based on the current discount, you can input the coupon at the checkout page to enjoy extra discount. And if you are not satisfied with it, you can request refund in 30 days! VideoProc full version purchase:  

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