10 Handy iPhone Tips for Teachers and Students

Today as I was checking for new updates in Apple’s Tips app, it dawned on me to create a short list of what I think are some helpful hacks to help you make the best of your iPhone. If you don’t check your iPhone’s Tips app you probably are missing out on a lot of functionalities that can tremendously transform your ‘iPhoning experience.’ Some of the things you will get to learn from the list below include how to:  take a screenshot, organize apps in folders, create collections in Maps, change the Language of an app, mark your location, capture the whole page, add dictionaries, and quickly save email drafts.Take a screenshot”Press and quickly release the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button. Tap the thumbnail to mark up the screenshot or share it. Or view it later.”Organize your apps with folders”To create a folder, touch and hold an app, tap edit Home Screen, then drag it on top of another app.”Storage for the whole family”Share a single iCloud storage plan, and everyone gets their own space. Go to Settings, your name, Set Up Family Sharing.”Create collections in Maps”Add important places- like favorite local restaurants- to a collection so you can easily share and keep track of them. Search for a place, then tap ‘Add to’.”Change an app’s Language”Use each app in the Language you prefer.  In settings, tap an app, then tap Language. (Not available for all apps)”.Copy and paste”Select an image or text, then pinch with three fingers to copy. To paste, pinch open with three fingers.”Add dictionaries”To look up words from different languages, go to Settings, General, Dictionary, then tap a dictionary to download it.”Capture the whole page”Quickly create a PDF of a webpage, document, or email. Take a screenshot, tap the thumbnail, then tap Full Page.”Quickly save email drafts.”While composing a message, swipe down. Tap a draft to retrieve it.”Mark your location”Save a location- like the start of a hike- so you can find your way back later. Touch and hold Maps, then tap Mark My Location.”Source: Tips app for iPhone

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