A Good Tool to Easily Create ESL Popup Quizzes

Here is another good web tool we covered in the past which you can use in your online instruction. iSLCollective video quiz maker  is an excellent tool for creating interactive video quizzes.  iSLCollective is a “free web-based tool that allows teachers to create interactive video quizzes around YouTube and Vimeo videos. This is how it works: First, teachers choose videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Next they write questions that will pop up throughout the video. They can also add a lesson plan, vocabulary list, and discussion questions. There is an option for teachers to search for already-made video quizzes in our library. These quiz questions can be tailored to meet the needs of their students”. Once the video quiz is ready, click on ‘publish’ and provide data about the video such as title, summary, lesson type, level, etc.

Video quizzes created through iSLCollective provide different ‘play mode’ options. Students can watch the video without quiz, play video quiz in interactive mode, use the Casino game mode, or play it in non-interactive mode. There are several reasons why you would want to try out iSLCollective in your class: ‘First, these quizzes allow teachers to put their focus on their students during class, rather than handling the video. This tool gives them a break from keeping track of video pauses, printing the questions beforehand, etc. In addition, the interactivity and gamification adds playfulness to video work – with various play modes (e.g. the classic Casino game where you bet on the right answer) and features like the tapping game where students tap on objects seen in the paused video screen. It’s a great homework tool as well!’.Another great feature embedded in iSLCollective is the ability to assign video quizzes as homework. Watch this video to learn more about how to easily assign quizzes as homework.Watch the video tutorial below to learn more about how this tool works.

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