5 Helpful TED Ed Video Lessons to Use with Students

In today’s post we are sharing with you some of our favourite TED Ed video lessons you can use with your students online or otherwise. You can use them to boost students creative thinking and engage them in constructive discussions around various educational topics. The video lessons come with a wide variety of questions to guide students comprehension. These questions are classified along three main categories: Think, Dig Deeper, and Discuss. You also have the option to customize any of these video lessons to suit your own teaching needs.  Check them out below.

1- How to write descriptively – Nalo Hopkinson

2- Can you solve “Einstein’s Riddle”? – Dan Van der Vieren

3- What adults can learn from kids – Adora Svitak

4- Can robots be creative? – Gil Weinberg

5- How a few scientists transformed the way we think about disease – Tien Nguyen

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