Project-based Learning: Tools and Apps for Teachers

With the help of technology, a wide range of learning trends have seen the light (e.g., mobile learning, blended learning, flipped learning, etc).  Other learning trends that were prevalent before the digital revolution are now being reinforced through the use of web technologies. An example is Project-based Learning (PBL).Project based learning is an experiential and hands-on approach to learning which focuses on the use of projects (long term and short term ones) to engage students in meaningful learning experiences. The strength of PBL is that it provides learners with a motivational source to drive their learning and discovery. Technology has tremendously facilitated the application of this learning concept in both formal and informal educational settings. In today’s post, we are re-sharing with you this list of resources which will enable you to tap into the educational potential of PBL tin your instruction. A PDF version of this visual is also available for free download. Also, links to the featured resources are included in a table under the visual.

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iPad apps

Android apps

Web tools


(Author), John Larmer (Author), John Mergendoller (Author), Suzie Boss (Author)

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