Teachers Guide to Creating Classroom Websites Using the New Google Sites

The new Google Sites is one of the best platforms where you can easily create a site for your classroom without the need for any HTM, CSS or any other coding language. Everything is pre-designed and you simply select the sections you want to add to your site, add content, and share your site with others.As more and more of teachers and educators are making the transition to remote teaching because of the current pandemic, creating an online site for your class becomes a pressing necessity. There are multiple  ways to use your classroom site. For instance, you can use it to share learning materials with your students, share important announcements, invite students to be co-editors of the site, share students work with school community, create ePortfolios, and many more.Source: from Sites template gallery
To help you make the best of Google Sites in your instruction, we spent some time going through the resources in Sites Help center and pulled out for you the guidelines below. The purpose is to provide you with a handy resource where you can readily access almost everything you need to create a professional looking site for your class.1- How to create a website using the new Google Sites
In this section you will learn how to:

Create a Site 
Rename your site 
Add a title to your site

Here you will access guidelines to help you change the looks of your site in terms of its: style, font, menu placement, and many more.

This section helps you learn how to: 

Add texts and headings to your site 
Add collapsible text boxes to your site
Add a section layout
Add a button
Add and edit images, logos, favicon, etc.
Group and ungroup objects

Here you will learn how to :

Add a page to your site
Add a table of contents
Organize your pages (e.g., how to move a page, choose a homepage, hide a page, etc)
Add and edit headers and footers

This is where you will get to learn how to :

Add a banner
Edit banner text
Customise banner colour
Link your banner to other pages
Choose where banner appears

In this section you will learn how to :

Add google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms and Charts to your site
Add YouTube videos, calendars and maps
Add a file from your computer, Google Drive, or from another site
Add Google files, tables and other content

In this section you will learn how to:

Add an editor
Change who can edit your site
Limit what editors can change
Remove and editor
Change the site owner
Invite others to edit your site
Change who can see a page

Here you will learn how to:

Preview your site
Publish your site
Choose who can see your site
Search a Google site
Disable or enable anchor links

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