Another Good Tool for Teaching Students Coding Skills

BlocksCAD is a great platform that allows students to design 3D models using their computing and coding skills. The site  features a treasure trove of learning materials and curricular content that teachers can easily integrate in their instruction. It offers detailed standard-aligned lesson plans, professional development resources, online courses, webinars, and several other materials to help teachers, students and educators make the best of BlocksCAD  in their teaching/learning.BlocksCAD can be used for different educational purposes. Students can use it to ‘build geometrical proficiency and other math skills’, ‘write a computer program to describe a solid 3D model’, create educational games and many more. As for teachers, BlocksCAD offers a platform where they can teach coding, math and computer skills. Some of the things teachers can do on BlocksCAD include:”Create classes
Manage your student’s accounts
Access and Edit student code
Download student .stl files for your 3D printer
Support from the BlocksCAD team
See how long students spend on their designs
Lessons provided for grades 3-12:
Introductory lessons
Common Core math aligned lessons
CSTA Computer Science standards aligned lessons
Create your own custom lessons” 

Watch the video below to learn more about BlocksCAD

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