5 Important Google Slides Tips To Help Your Create Engaging Presentations for Your Class

Google Slides is a great free tool that you can use with your students in class to easily create engaging presentations. Slides provides a wide variety of features and functionalities that enable you to take your presentation skills to the next level. Its intuitive and user friendly interface makes it an ideal presentation tool for inclusion in classroom settings. In today’s post we are sharing with you five important features to help you design better presentations. Click on each of the tips below to access detailed instructions on how to use it. Instructions are provided by Google’s Help Center.1- Insert multimedia materials into your slidesSlides allows you to add a wide variety of multimedia materials to your presentations. These include text boxes, images, audio, vides, shapes, charts, Word Art, diagrams, and lines. To add any of these objects to your slides, click on Insert at the top and select the one you want to add. Once added you can then edit and arrange it the way you want

2- Link a chart, table, or slides to Google Docs or Slides
In this section you will learn how to link charts and tables you insert in your Slides to existing files. More specifically you will learn how to add a chart from Google Sheets; how to insert slides from another presentation; how to add a slide to a document; how to update charts, tables, or slides in a document or presentation; and how to unlink your chart, table or slides from the original file.3- How to add or edit a tableHere you will learn how to add a table, how to add and resize rows and columns to your table, how to merge cells on a table, how to style individual cells in a table and many more.4- Add or change animations and transitionsIn this section you will be provided with guidance on how to animate text or images in your slides, how to add slide transitions, and how to change animations and transitions.5- How to change the them, background, or layout in Google SlidesHere you will learn how to customize the look of your slides. More specifically, you will learn how to change a theme, how to change the background color or image, how to import new theme, how to edit theme colors, and how to change layout.

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