An Excellent Apple Map’s Feature to Teach Students Geography in 3D

Have you ever tried Apple Map’s Flyover feature with your students? Well, if you have not you should. This is an excellent way to take your students on virtual 3D tours to places and landmarks from all around the world. There are over 300 locations that support 3D tours on Apple Maps. The full list of locations is available here. To start using Flyover feature:Source:”1- Tap the name of a city (in map or satellite view) or the name of a landmark.If you don’t see 3D markers for cities, zoom out, or if you’re using transit view, tap the I icon, then choose Map or Satellite.2- Tap Flyover on the information card.3-Do any of the following:Change viewing direction: Point or tilt iPad in the direction you want to view.
Move around: Drag a finger in any direction. To rotate perspective, touch and hold the screen with one finger, then continue holding it in place while you drag another finger around it.
Watch an aerial 3D tour: Tap Start Tour or Start City Tour in the card at the bottom of the screen. (If you don’t see the card, tap anywhere on the screen.)

4- To return to the map, tap x in the card at the bottom of the screen (tap anywhere on the screen if you don’t see x ).”

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