How to Get Funding for Your Student Association

Finding money for events and programs is a struggle for most student organizations, but there are many smart ways to get funds without interfering with your academic activities. You can start by organizing events and creating merch to sell on and off-campus, just follow this guide on how to get funding for your student association.Whether you’re starting a club or have been around for a couple of years, there are many things you can do to support your organization, just make sure you follow your university’s rules and policies when it comes to raising money for a cause that represents its values. Brand Your Student Association You want your community to take you seriously in order to support your cause, so be ready to brand your association professionally and act accordingly.Start by creating a logo, choosing your colors and prepping official merch. My advice on this is to choose solid colors, rather than textures or striking, neon ones; unless the nature of your group is suitable for them. If you have restricted resources or limited time, try using a logo maker to step up the pace. This will save you hours of editing and will give your association a professional look and will boost your confidence when introducing yourself to prospect volunteers, funders and collaborators.Request Funds from Your UniversityOnce you’re formally established, reach your university’s finance board and ask for funding. There are lots of universities that have a budget for sponsoring student organizations, depending on the amount, of course. Make sure your actions support the goals and mission of your university, otherwise, authoritiesmay not support you back. Once you’ve met the requirements and set a budget for your activities, ask for guidance on how to manage it. Most student affairs centers have someone that can help you with this.Sell Merch Benefit from print-on-demand services and create gear, apparel, and promotional products foryour community. Use it as gifts for donors, volunteers, and collaborators. Additionally, display it as merch you can sell during events to increase your exposure while you get profit, or even get an online store going!One of the advantages of using these online services is that you don’t have to worry about collecting the money or ordering the right sizes. Most of them do it for you without compromising the security needed for online transactions.Ok, so you know how to do it but don’t know how to sell merch? It’s pretty easy once you’ve created different products to promote your association and contribute to raising funds.This is how to make your own merch:- Determine your target. Evaluate your community and establish who’s your main target. Prospect students? Professors? Mathletes? The more specific, the better.- Set a budget. Determine a certain budget for certain products. Perhaps you need a ton of t-shirts and not so many mugs.- Create as many designs as you need using online tools. Explore everything you can do to design and create on a budget. You’ll be surprised when you become an expert in finding and using online tools to design and create promotional products.Organize Online Fundraising EventsPlan online parties and live events for the school year. Use these events like networking sessions and share your fundraising link to let other people know where and how to help your association.How to organize an event? Follow these simple steps to effectively run the event you need.- Define the purpose of your event. Write down your ideas and determine the kind of event you’ll be planning, the number of people that will help out, and a rough budget.- Talk to your advisor on what you need to submit in order to get permission and budget.- Check for availability and timing. Ask the office about other scheduled events, and see when and the perfect hour to plan your events. Consider which social networks you can add to your live streaming, what activities will take place and how many people will connect.- Promote your event two or three weeks before it happens, so people know in advance and adjust their plans. Ask your school if you can be added in their monthly newsletter.- Pay attention to detail. As stated above, you should be planning on how will people register to the event, clear goals you need to reach, and define the roles of every person in the team.If you’re new at this, besides asking for advice, you can look at this guide to build your event planning skills to know what you’ll need on the day, during and after the event.As it was stated before, it’s time to benefit from online tools to create the best design possible, and an inspiring mockup can help you catch attention so people can subscribe to your event.Collaborate with OthersYou can team up with other student organizations with similar goals. Ask the student affairs office on campus to help you out with a contact list.Also, you can find other clubs with similar activities as yours, such as:- Academic. Organizations that focus on particular fields of study. Their main goal is to encourage learning and academic excellence.- Community service. These are also common. Organizations like these are driven by values and get involved in human rights, environmental causes, and overall helping their community.- Sports. For those who consider sports more than a hobby. These organizations are fueled by passion and a sense of being part of a team.- Arts and leisure. Music and arts bring people together for the right reasons. Student organizations that focus on artistic and leisure activities raise the bar for those who’re looking much more than just classroom knowledge. This is the chance people have to dig deep into their feelings and express them through different means.- Student government. Have your own voice to change your university’s environment. Every university in the United States has its student government to make an impact inside and outside the institution.- Religious and cultural. Those who embrace differences as well as diversity, and want to keep in touch with their roots. These communities welcome new members who are willing to make a difference from a multicultural point of view.Best of Luck!Knowing how to make money in college to support causes will put you on a whole different level. You’ll get skills you won’t learn inside the classroom while you’re supporting an activity on campus.We want to hear from you! Can you tell us a bit more about your association or how you’re participating actively for your university?Please note this is a sponsored post.

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