Markup – Highlight What Matters and Enhance The Quality of Your Reading

Recently featured in more than 12 App Stores, Markup is a widely recognized web and document annotator developed by Kdan Mobile. You can use it to leverage the educational potential of the digital web, enhance your overall productivity, and boost quality study time. Markup allows you to easily highlight anything you want on various multimedia materials that include PDFs, web pages, blog posts, articles, and ePub books. The tool captures your highlights into a summary list, making it easier for you to quickly identify the key points of the articles, saving you time to browse these content again, in particular to the lengthy ones.  More importantly, you also get to manage and organize your marked-up content the way you want —anytime, anywhere. Markup supports cross-device syncing, which allows you to sync your web highlights across your mobile devices and desktop. You can pick up where you left off, from school to home. When browsing through the document, you can link these highlights to your PDFs which is especially useful when sharing educational materials with students or colleagues. You can always enrich the content of your PDFs with embedded links and resources. Team collaboration is another excellent feature provided by Markup. Using its Cloud-based Shared Folder functionality, you will be able to share different materials with your students or  co-workers. These include files, URLs, videos, pictures, articles and many more. You can also create, manage, and join teams to work collaboratively. Once you create or join a team you can instantly share highlighted annotations and web Markups with your collaborators. For more inspiring ideas, you can check the Markup community and explore highlights shared by others or share yours with them. With its AI integration, Markup automatically sorts highlighted web pages into various categories and recommends relevant articles that match your interest based on your reading preference.As a document annotation tool, Markup allows you to interact with your documents the way you see fit. Apart from adding highlights, you can also use freehand writing, sticky notes, text boxes, shapes, audio notes and even text-to-speech.. You can also customize PDF stamps by adding texts or images. In case you need to conduct an electronic signature, Markup offers an integrated feature that lets you sign documents and fill out forms. With the new school year coming up, Markup is now offering its 30-day free premium subscription as part of their Back-to-School Campaign 2020 until the end of September. Claim your offer by visiting here and take advantage of Kdan Mobile’s educational tools, including Creativity 365 and PDF Reader.Markup is available as a Chrome extension and iOS app. View, highlight, and share the best parts of web pages with My Markups!Please note this is a sponsored post.

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