Unicheck: Plagiarism Checker for Moodle

Moodle LMS is one of the dominating learning management systems at U.S. and Canadian higher educational institutions. It has many beneficial features in one place to cater to specific learning and training needs, but an online plagiarism checker is not one of them. Still, there are various add-ons, like Unicheck, that come to the rescue to fill this functional gap. This plagiarism checker for Moodle enables education professionals to spot intentional and unintentional text duplications. Let’s take a look at the importance of integrating Unicheck as a Moodle plagiarism checker plugin and explore why it could be the best online plagiarism checker available. 8 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Unicheck into Moodle LMS Here are the core reasons to adopt Unicheck as your Moodle plagiarism checker:1. Simple SetupIt’s super simple to set up Unicheck as your Moodle plagiarism checker . You need to register,submit a request at Unicheck.com and their team will validate your corporate account (it maytake a few hours). Install the Unicheck plugin and speak to your account manager to discusshow Unicheck can work for you.What’s more, instructors do not need any other accounts to use the Unicheck plagiarismdetection with Moodle. It is easily integrated into the LMS. All the privacy and advanced settingscan be managed within the Moodle LMS account via the admin panel.On top of that, the plugin can be translated into any language. Currently, Spanish, French andDutch translations are available. LMS admins can always contribute their own translation as alltranslations are stored on the Moodle community website.2. Merging With All Moodle Versions and ModulesCompatible With All Moodle E-Learning Platform Versions:Unicheck online plagiarism checker supports versions 2.7 through 3.9. Hence, it’s possible to install the software for current users on a minor release and migrate to a major one with a compatible Unicheck plugin. Migration from an older Moodle LMS version to a newer one takes little effort and doesn’t affect users. After a version update, the plugin stores the activation key from the earlier one. Thus, you can apply new features whenever you want to, but test them beforehand in the Test site.Well Integrated With Other Moodle Activities:Unicheck plugin can be integrated into Moodle LMS and used by instructors in the following activities: Moodle Assignment, Moodle Forum and Moodle Workshop. An admin can enable/disable these modules individually.Enabling Debugging:If any connection issues occur in Moodle LMS, an administrator can easily resolve them. You can track all data, such as the integration status, license expiry, etc. On top of that, the Moodle plagiarism checker enables the recovery of failed documents in bulk.3. Privacy and SecurityThis plagiarism checker for Moodle requires no extra effort from LMS admins to providecomplete security due to:Stability and SecurityAll Unicheck servers are hosted in AWS Cloud and continually tested to meet security, reliabilityand performance expectations. The Unicheck dev team runs Moodle-made tests along with its own automatic and manual tests, according to industry best practices.Local HostingTo satisfy data location requirements, Unicheck has opened two more data centers in Australiaand Canada in addition to those launched in Europe and the U.S.Full PrivacyThe software is fully compliant with FERPA (the U.S.) and GDPR (Europe). Encryption isimplemented to protect personal data when storing or transmitting. All security and featureupdates are automated.4. Simultaneous and Asynchronous UploadThe plagiarism checker for Moodle processes both simultaneous and asynchronoussubmissions, including:Asynchronous UploadAssignments uploaded by students to Moodle LMS are stored in the Unicheck database.Therefore, there is  no processing time nor need to stay on the upload page.Simultaneous UploadUnicheck can handle simultaneous file submissions. This way, whether there are 10, or 10,000assignments uploaded, they are processed in a queue without delay, losing connection orinterruption in service.Database ManagementAll documents submitted through the Moodle e-learning platform plugin are stored in Unicheck,and admins can easily manage this data.Advanced LoggingLMS admins can provide all necessary logs to the Unicheck support team for quicker problemsolving, diagnostics and troubleshooting.5. Accurate Searches and All-Inclusive Similarity ReportEvery education professional can use their own specific features and settings to checkassignments in their class or course. Here are some of the advantages Unicheck’s similarityreport delivers:The plagiarism report is automatically generated within a few minutes of assignment submissionfor gradingThe educator can view scan results both online or download a .pdf fileThe similarity report is easy to navigate, interpret and is fully interactive. Detected matches arehighlighted and clickable to illustrate the corresponding similarity sourcesThorough text analysis covers over 100+ billion web pagesThe report design is mobile-friendly, making the screen more compact and narrow to view andnavigate on mobile devicesBefore scanning, the educator can set the required number of matched words/percentagebased on the text length that the online plagiarism checker must catchIt’s up to the teacher to choose whether to showcase the scan results to the students or not.The educator can also drop comments in the comment box6. Features and FunctionalityUnicheck plagiarism checker is a sophisticated piece of technology that delivers advancedfeatures for effective teaching and assessment.This plugin offers smooth integration with Moodle e-learning platform, supporting:Automatic/Manual Plagiarism Checking Modes and Group/Bulk SubmissionsWhen the automatic mode is on, Unicheck online plagiarism checker automatically checksdocuments for similarities once submitted. A teacher gets a similarity report in a few minutes.However, an educator can disable these auto-scans and inspect the files manually. Checks canbe made to both individual submissions and in bulk. To start a bulk scan, one needs to enablethe “Check already delivered assignment submissions” option in Moodle plagiarism checker.Once the changes are saved, the software runs a bulk check.Various Options for Similarity CheckingEducation professionals can choose four options for file comparison: against the Internet, theinstitution’s library, the web index along with the library, or an external database if a local FTPserver is connected.Modifind – Smart Text Modification Search AlgorithmTo pass a plagiarism check successfully and increase originality scores, some students may beinclined to cheat. Still, Unicheck plagiarism detector catches more than just the exact matchesin the text. As the best online plagiarism checker, its algorithm, Modifind, detects various trickychanges. Here is the list of some tweaks students may use:Inserting, deleting, replacing spacesInserting, replacing charactersInserting, deleting words, sentences, abstractsInserting invisible symbols/wordsCombining multiple layers in a documentApplying custom fonts in a documentInserting text in objects (formula, etc.) in MS WordAdvanced Citation and Reference AssistanceAdvanced Citation and Reference AssistanceThe Unicheck plagiarism detection engine provides students and teachers with advanced citation and reference assistance. It spots MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard and Turabian style citations and references in the text.7. Technical CapabilitiesUnicheck supports the most popular languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian. Additionally, Unicheck online plagiarism checker can run in the Slavic languages and covers rare languages like Norwegian, both Nynorsk and Bokmål, and many more. The maximum allowed file size of pieces to be checked is 70MB, and up to 125 000 words per text.Along with regular document file extensions, the plagiarism detection engine supports:HyperText Markup Language (.htm and .html)Microsoft Word (.dotx, .dot)OpenOffice files (.odt, .ods, .odp)Plain text (.txt)Rich text (.rtf)Comma-separated values (.csv)MATLAB files (.m)Extensible Markup Language (.xml)Archive formats (.zip or .rar)Shortly, the list is planned to be extended with other popular file types.8. Affordable Payment Plans and Test PeriodUnicheck provides education professionals and academic institutions with custom paymentplans and trial services:Free Trial AccountsMoodle online plagiarism checker offers educators a free three-week trial period of the entireservice to test its tools and features. For academic institutions, a longer trial (up to 6 months) isavailable.Teacher/Department/Campus/Institution ScalabilityIf a college or university is not ready to fully implement the online plagiarism checker as anofficial duplicate content detection tool, it can be implemented within a separate campus ordepartment.Access to New Functionality by DefaultWhenever the Unicheck production team upgrades features, all service partners instantlyaccess the updated functionality under their payment plan at no extra cost.24/7 Customer Support TeamThe service provides full technical support at all stages of implementation and maintenance. Apersonal account manager is specifically assigned to coordinate all communication.Customization OpportunitiesSince Unicheck is a software development company, it can customize functionality to meet anyinstitution’s specific needs. Simply contact the sales department and request the features oroptions you need.Improve Learning Outcomes with UnicheckIn today’s world, learning is digitizing. It uses online tools to boost productivity and upholdeducation standards.Learning management systems have taken a firm place in a rapidly changing environment. Butacademic institutions, while adopting the LMS best practices, can't go without plagiarismdetection services. This is when Unicheck comes handy, as the best plagiarism checker forMoodle. Each academic institution using this LMS can be sure that Unicheck will contribute tothe academic integrity of their institution.Please note that this is a sponsored post.

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