Help Your Students Be Better Googlers Using These Practical Tips

Here is a handy visual you can use with your students in class to help them become better Google searchers. We have outlined 8 search tips that students can use to narrow down their search and get accurate results. All of these tips are nested in Google Advanced Search which is accessible from ‘settings’ in Google search homepage. This visual is also available in PDF format from this page.1- Search for the exact word or phrase:Insert the word or phrase in quotes: “happy face”2- Search for any of these words:Insert or between the word: cat or feline3- Exclude these wordsPut the – minus sign before the word or phrase: – Albert4- Search for pages in specific formatClick on ‘any format’ and choose the file type you want.5- Limit your search to a specific siteInsert the URL of the site you want to search in the box next to ‘site or domain’.6- Narrow your search by time postedClick on ‘anytime’ next to ‘last update’ and select one of the options there7- Search for pages published in a specific regionClick on ‘any region’ next to ‘region’ and choose one of the options there.8- Search for pages in a specific languageClick on ‘any language’ next to ‘language’ and choose one of the options there. 

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