Feedly Released A New Collaborative Feature to Use with Your Students

September , 2015
Feedly has recently released an excellent new feature called Shared Collections which allows users to curate and share what they read with others.This is similar to YouTube playlists where you get to aggregate your favourite videos to share with others. As a teacher, you can utilize Feedly’s Shared Collections to share with students online resources relevant to what they are learning. You can also curate a collection of must-follow educational blogs or EdTech websites to help students make the best of technology in their learning.

With Shared Collections, you make it super easy for your students to find and read educational content you have yourself curated. You can include things such as YouTube feeds, Google News alerts, blogs, publications and many more. You can also create a personalized URL for your Shared Collections for purposes of sending it to others. ‘Shared Collections is completely opt-in. All of your collections default to private, so you can make use of this feature only if you want to. When you are ready to share, turn on the collections you want public and keep your personal collections private.’Shared Collections is a Pro feature. Watch the video below to see it in action

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