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How to Write an Article Name in an Essay

The title of an article should be written in the body of the essay, but how to write an article name in an academic paper? Most essay writing styles have a particular format that students must adhere to. APA style, MLA style, and Chicago style all call for a centered quotation mark around the title of the article. However, if you don’t have a set format, you can use any of these formats. Before you begin, check with your teacher to see which one is preferred.

Avoid making the titles unnecessarily lengthy

Don’t make the article titles too long! While your title should be general enough for your target audience, it should still be specific enough to convey your key result. When making your title, make sure to use your keywords in a strategic way. This will ensure that your readers will keep reading your piece. Here are some tips to avoid making your article titles too long:

Be specific with your subject matter. While writing for college, try to avoid using too much technical vocabulary. Avoid using words that are not clearly related to the topic of your essay. Include the most important terms at the beginning or at the end. By doing this, more researchers will be able to find your article once it’s published. Also, try to avoid using terms like “so, but…” in your title.

Subheadings make an essay look ordered and clear

Subheadings help organize content and solve writer’s block. Instead of writing a long, winding essay, break up your content into smaller paragraphs with subheadings. Once you have your main points, break them down into subheadings and fill in the rest of the space below them. Eventually, you’ll have a cohesive and orderly essay. It’s not uncommon to find a Wikipedia article that has many paragraphs.

When using subheadings, keep in mind that they are not actual sentences. If your subheadings read like sentences, you might want to change their wording and omit a verb altogether. Adding a period after each heading level may make the essay appear unreadable. APA formatting style recommends using a comma instead of a period. Also, make sure that you use sentence casing instead of title case capitalization.

When writing an essay, use subheadings to help the reader scan the content. This will help them understand where to focus their attention. When a reader reads an essay, they are looking for specific information and don’t want to wade through the entire work. Subheadings should be clearly labeled with keywords and should be consistent with the surrounding subheadings. Consider having an impartial reader read the essay and ask if the entire set of subheadings creates a flow and order that is easy to follow.

Avoid italicizing the title

Avoid italicizing the article title in your essay, unless it’s an individual work. It’s generally considered inappropriate unless it’s part of a longer work, such as an academic paper. The same rules apply to websites: avoid italicizing the title of a webpage unless it’s part of a larger website. It’s also generally inappropriate to use italics for a website’s name or URL.

You should only use italics for technical terms if it is necessary, and only in certain situations. In other situations, it is appropriate to use italics for an article’s title. For instance, if the title of a book is a title of a novel, it is appropriate to italicize it. However, if the title of an article is a book title, it’s appropriate to put it in quotation marks.

When referencing an article or book, it’s generally appropriate to italicize the title if it’s a major work. However, it’s not appropriate to italicize an article title if it’s an independent work or an article from a major publication. The most important rule is consistency. If you don’t use italics consistently, your writing will appear unprofessional.

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