4 Great Google Docs Add-ons to Help Students with Their Writing

October 13, 2015
Today we spent sometime going through Google Docs add-ons store and selected for you the titles below. These are particularly ideal for helping students with their writing from spell checking to providing feedback on writing assignments.  Also, some of these tools are freemium and offer pro versions with more advanced features.1- Texthelp Study Skills

‘Use Texthelp’s Highlighting Tools to highlight key areas of your document to collect, group, and learn from later. Simply select and highlight the desired text and click “Collect Highlights” to extract it and place it in a new document (by color or location) for students or educators to review.’

‘VeritySpell for Google Docs is an advanced spellchecker that corrects spelling and grammar mistakes in English texts. It is specially designed for people with reading and writing difficulties and dyslexia, but it is well suited for anyone who needs spelling assistance and language support.’
3- SAS Writing Reviser

‘This add-on provides students with feedback about their writing and enables them to address a range of potential writing problems, including weak verbs, excess prepositional phrases, dangling modifiers, and faulty sentence structure. By learning to ask questions experienced writers ask automatically, students begin to express themselves with greater precision and power.’

‘Revision Assistant is a free writing software for all looking to edit and revise writing. The software allows proofreading marks, reminiscent of the old school proofreading marks, to be inserted into the page. Proofreading marks are tracked by occurrence on the page. Proofreading marks are categorized into two types: Conventions (blue) and Structure (green). Omit, which is located in conventions category, is the only button to output red color.’

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