Here Is A Great Tool to Help Students with Their Reading and Writing Process

October 17, 2015
Notetaker is an excellent tool from ReadWriteThink that students can use in their writing and reading activities. This is basically a hierarchical outlining tool that enables learners to create detailed outlines made up of five levels. Using the integrated editing features, students can easily add main and sub sections to their outlines, move text boxes up and down, zoom in and out and many more. Additionally, Notetaker provides three outline styles to choose from : bullet, Roman Numeral, and Letter. Students can choose the style they want to use and start working on their outlines.

There is also a separate section called ‘Notes’ where students can jot down side notes to accompany their outline. Outlines created via Notetaker are saved in HTML format which can be printed or edited later on using any HTML editor. Students can use Notetaker in their reading activities to ‘to compile and organize reading notes, research, and related ideas. During the writing process, students can use the tool to organize their information and plan texts in the prewriting stage and to review and structure their ideas during writing and revision.’

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