Here Are Some of The Best Presentations on Education

October  18, 2015
A few days ago we reviewed Bibblio which is a search platform that allows you to discover, collect and curate the best free learning materials on the web in any format (videos, podcasts, web links, presentations and many more). It also lets you organize all of your curated materials into one single homepage that you can annotate and personalize before sharing it with your peers and students.One of the great features of Bibblio is that you can access and follow content other educators have curated. There are actually several collections out there created by teachers  featuring a wealth of educational content. The collection we are sharing with you below is compiled by Best of Slideshare and contains some of the best slides about education. From the 70+ presentations in this collection, we selected what we think are the 8 most pertinent ones. Check them out below.Click on each title to access the original presentation.1-  Sketchnoting for Learning by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

2- The Future of Education by Mattan Griffel

3- 10 tips on writing by David Ogilvy by Prezly

4-  Meet Generation Z: Forget Everything You Learned About Millennials by sparks & honey

5-  Designing Effective Presentations by Zaid Ali Alsagoff

6- The Art of Storytelling

7- The Educator with a Growth Mindset

8-  Emerging Technology Trends for 2015 by David Leeking

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