3 Great Chrome Apps to Help Students Effectively Search The Web

November 13, 2015
Being able to conduct smart search queries online be it on Google or any other search engine is absolutely an essential skill for the 21st century students. Smart searching is all about finding relevant and reliable content that matches your query with the minimum time possible. Google offers a wide variety of tips and tricks to help you become search savvy. Additionally, there are also some very good Chrome extensions that are also indispensable for doing online research. In today’s post we are sharing with you three of our favourite add-ons to use on your Chrome browser for a quick way to search the net.1- Google Similar Pages

This is an excellent extension to help you find webpages similar to the one you are actually browsing. With a simply click, Google Similar Pages fetches a number of websites with content relevant to the one you are currently reading. This saves you time and makes finding relevant content much more easier.2- Highlight to Search

Highlight to Search is another great Chrome add-on that allows you to look up  keywords in a webpage by simply highlighting them. ‘After you highlight keywords within a web page, you’ll see magnifying-glass icon appear below the highlighted keywords.By either clicking on the icon or the keywords itself, search-box with Autocomplete enabled appears for you to search quickly and easily.’3- SearchPreview

‘The single purpose of this extension is to enhance your search results pages. SearchPreview inserts site preview images (thumbnails) and related links (if available, some may be advertising) into your search result pages. Supports Google™, DuckDuckGo™, Yahoo™ and Bing™.’

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