Here Is an Important Resource for art Teachers

November 26, 2015
Art History Basics is an excellent resource for Art teachers and students. It provides a collection of educational videos, articles, and several other materials to chronicle the development of art and help students learn major artistic movements and works that spanned human history. Art History Basics is a fruit of a partnership between Khan Academy, Smarthistory, and some leading art historians and museums. Content in art History Basics is arranged into five main sections:

First things first:
This section serves as an introduction to art learning. It tackles key concepts such as why studying art, the difference between art and craft, why art is valuable, history of western culture and many more.Tools for understanding artThis section is meant to help you use analytic approaches to better understand artistic works. Some of the things you get to learn here include: how use art for analytic purposes, how to analyze a work of art, how museums shape meaning, a brief history of women in art and many more.Glossary: In Glossary you get to learn about basic definitions of important terms in art.The materials and techniques artists use’Learn how the ancient Greeks fired their ceramics, how renaissance artists created luminous oil paintings and the techniques developed by modern masters.’Art 1010‘Art 1010 is a short series of fun (and funny) animations created for the Utah System of Higher Education that introduce the history of Western art.’

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