4 Useful iPad Apps for Young Readers

December , 2015
iPad provides endless learning possibilities for kids. From apps to help them learn basic math skills to learning foreign languages from the comfort of ones own couch, the educational potential of iPad is unparalleled. We have reviewed tons of educational apps over the last few years which you can access in this page. However, today we are adding two more apps designed specifically for young book lovers. They are intended to help kids develop their reading confidence and provide them access to a huge library of children’s books including audio books.1- Epic! – Unlimited Books for Kids

Epic! is the leading all-you-can-read eBook library for kids 12 and under offering unlimited access to over 10,000 high-quality children’s books, now including thousands of read-to-me and Audio books. There are 2 versions of Epic!, both accessible through the one app:    A. EPIC! FOR THE HOME:”Epic! costs only $4.99/month with the first month FREE and supports up to 4 individual child profiles per account. Each child receives personalized recommendations based on their reading level and interests, helping them discover new books they will love. No commitments or hassles. You can easily cancel at any time.    B. EPIC! FOR EDUCATORSEpic! is absolutely free to elementary school teachers and school librarians in the US and Canada. A favorite with teachers and students around the country, Epic! brings access to unlimited children’s literature into every classroom. Epic! encourages young readers with badges and rewards, while letting teachers assign books and track individual reading progress. “2- ICDL – Free Books for Children

‘The International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL) brings a worldwide collection of free children’s books to the iPad. The largest collection of its kind, the ICDL spans the globe with thousands of children’s books from over 60 countries, in a wide assortment of beautiful languages with captivating illustrations. Meet the six Mongolian brothers in search of knowledge, the gray Palestinian peacemaker cat that does something most unusual to the other cat’s ears, or a version of the Three Little Pigs that you surely have never heard before.’3- Farfaria Storybooks

‘FarFaria helps your children develop a love for reading. Our library of popular educational books is curated for kids ages 1-9 and includes new hits as well as classics such as Rapunzel and The Wizard of Oz. Books have reading levels to empower kids to read MORE on their own and include a read along option with highlighted text for a personalized reading experience.’4- Read Me Stories

‘Read Me Stories is perfect for beginning readers. They will enjoy a completely tailored reading experience, starting at their current reading level, learning at their own pace, and graduating an awesome and confident little reader! It’s a positive introduction to reading and will nurture their education development.’ Follow us on : Twitter, Facebook , Google plus, Pinterest .

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