Here Is An Excellent Tool to Create Interactive Games and Presentations to Use in Class

December 23, 2015TinyTap is an excellent tool that you can use to create interactive games, lessons, presentations and visual quizzes. With an intuitive user-interface and easy to use editor, students will definitely enjoy creating their personalized learning apps. As a teacher, you can use TinyTap to design engaging educational activities for your class. Several teachers from all over the globe are creating awesome things with TinyTap, check out this page to learn more about some of these activities.

Students learn better when they are engaged in practical hands-on activities and TinyTap does just that. It provides learners with the perfect environment to exercise their creativity and learn from each other. Here are some ideas on how to use TinyTap as suggested by the creators of this app :1-“GamesCreate fun games from images to teach, play and learn in your own creative way.2-PuzzlesDrag, drop, cut and mix-up shapes to create and complete personalized puzzles and record sound to make them interactive.3-QuizesOur simple question and answer activity allows you to record questions, answers and feedback for mistakes in your own voice.4-E-BooksMake reading a book an interactive activity by adding your voice to the story using TinyTap’s ‘Say Something’ activity!5-SoundboardsUsers can activate parts of an image, allocating sounds to each area and making a tappable sound board to play around with!6- Interactive PresentationsMake fun, engaging presentations in minutes! Instead of using your typical slides, actively involve your audience in the presentation by doing it as a fun TinyTap game!7- Digital TextbooksConvert existing school textbooks into engaging TinyTap activities or create new ones!8-Photo AlbumsOrganize your family photos into playable albums with voice tags.9-Classroom ActivitiesTinyTap is a great way to create fun classroom games and activities utilizing the iPad. Using TinyTap’s multiple activities, the app can be used to teach any new subject, asses old ones, and tailor to fit students needs.”Watch this video to see TinyTap in action

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