Two Handy Chrome Tools for Taking Quick Notes On Any Webpage

December 26, 2015
Below are handy Chrome extensions you can use to quickly jot down notes and record your ideas on any webpage you are browsing. No need to switch any tab or swap apps, you can write down your notes either at the side of your browser as is the case with Sidetones or on any other location on the webpage using Note Anywhere. We invite you to try them out and share with us your feedback.1- Sidenotes

Sidenotes is a very good Chrome extension that allows you to take quick notes on the side of any web page. You simply pop open the sidebar of your browser with a shortcut and start typing your notes. ‘Each note is attached to a URL, so you’re thoughts are attached to the source of the inspiration at all times.’
2- Note Anywhere

Like Sidetones, Note Anywhere is a handy Chrome add-on that you can use to record notes in any position in a webpage. Note are automatically saved so that when you open that page again, your notes will be loaded instantly.

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