4 Great iPad Apps to Annotate and Edit Videos

December 29, 2015
The apps we have curated for you today allow you to add annotations to your videos on the go. As a teacher, you can use these applications to enrich your videos with illustrative content to guide your students understanding and engage them in the learning process. The apps differ in what they offer to users but some of the things you can do with them include: adding text, hyperlinks or images to your videos, add soundtracks or voiceovers, stitch together various clips into a single movie and many more.1- Write-on Video

‘Write-on Video is a user-friendly tool that allows you to annotate and animate videos and pictures. Arrange photos and videos into a stunning slideshows complemented by free-hand drawing, text boxes, stickers, audio and sound clips. Write-on Video automatically organizes each annotated frame into a storyboard so that you can add comments and information beside each scene. All text in the storyboard is true text that can be edited in reader apps.’2-YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture allows you to instantly snap a video and annotate it the way you want. You can add hyperlinks and text, add a soundtrack from your music collection or YouTube’s audio library,stylize your videos with color correction and stabilization, trim and rearrange clips right from your phone or iPad. When you video is ready you can then upload it to YouTube and share it on social media websites such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.3- Perfect Video

Perfect Video is another excellent iPad app that allow you to annotate your videos in a variety of ways. You can add animated text or images to videos, display a logo on your video, add different sound effects, select from a number of pre-defined transitions, merge multiple videos, change the video orientation and many more.

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