6 Google Chrome Extensions Every Teacher Should Know about

February 9, 2016
If you are a heavy user of Google products you might find these Chrome extensions very helpful. We have selected for you some of the most popular educational extensions created by Google and shared in Chrome web store. Some of the things you can do with these add-ons as a teacher include: save web content directly to your Google Drive, easily share URLs and resources with your students in Google Classroom, search for scholarly articles as you navigate the net, view and edit Office files in Google Drive, quickly share resources via Gmail, and initiate image-based searches.1- Google Scholar Button

‘This extension adds a browser button for easy access to Google Scholar from any web page. Click the Scholar button to:Find full text on the web or in your university library; Transfer your query from web search to Scholar; Format references in widely used citation styles. Press the quote button in the popup to see a formatted reference and copy it into the paper you’re writing…’2- Share to Classroom

‘Web Page Sender allows users of Google Classroom (https://classroom.google.com/) to collaborate in realtime. Teachers can “fling” or share urls with students, and students can fling urls to teachers.’3- Save to Google Drive

‘This extension allow you to save web content directly to Google Drive through a browser action or context menu. You can save documents, images, and HTML5 audio and video all by right clicking and selecting ‘Save to Google Drive’. You can save the currently viewed page using the ‘Save to Google Drive’ browser action.’4- Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides

‘View and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files – without needing Office installed on your computer. Once the extension is installed, Office files that you drag into Chrome, open in Gmail, Google Drive and more will be opened in Docs, Sheets and Slides for viewing and editing.’5- Send from Gmail

‘This extension will open a Compose window in Gmail when you click any email address on a webpage. It also provides a button that will create a Gmail message when clicked, using the page title as the subject and selected page text and link address as the message.’6- Search by Image 

’Search by Image is a Chrome extension that allows you to initiate a Google search using any image on the web. By the Google Images team.’

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