4 Important Video Tutorials for Teachers New to Chromebooks

April 29, 2016
Below are some basic introductory videos for teachers new to Chromebooks. They will particularly help you with your first steps in using Chromebooks and will provide you with  tips on how to do basic things with your device including sending messages, working on documents, organizing photos, using Chromebook when not connected to the Internet, learning about the different types of external devices to use with your Chromebook. You will also get to learn about Chrome Web Store and explore the different ways to search for, access and install apps. And if you haven’t already seen it, we have already published a chart containing some of the best educational Chromebook apps to use in your teaching, check it out to learn more. Additionally, Chromebook Help centre is another important resource you may want to periodically check for tips, ideas and solutions to problems with your Chromebook. Enjoy1- Get things done with your Chromebook

2- Use your Chromebook offline

3- Use external devices with a Chromebook

4- Web apps and the Chrome Web Store

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