Teachers Guide to Using Concept Maps in Education

June 18, 2016
Here is an excellent short guide on concept mapping created by the folks over at Lucidchart (a popular concept mapping tool). The guide covers almost everything you need to know about concept maps including definitions, key features, theoretical foundations, how-to instructions, use cases and history. There is also a special section on Concept Mapping for Education that you will find really helpful. It features tips on how to incorporate concept maps in your teaching methodology, what students can do with concepts maps and several other key points related to the use of concept maps in learning.

For instance, some of the ways students can use concept maps include:’Organize and structure new material
Increase learning by relating new and old knowledge
Map out relationships between things such as vocab words, characters in a story, events in history, etc.
Plan/outline writing projects
Design their own representations of knowledge
Brainstorm new ideas
Take notes
Create study guides
Design complex structures’

Check out the guide to learn more about the importance of concept mapping in education. Enjoy

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