10 Very Good New Educational Web Tools for Teachers

June 27, 2016
Below is a collection of some new educational web tools and mobile apps to try out in your instruction.  The purpose is to keep you updated about the new releases in the EdTech world and empower you with the necessary technology to take your teaching and learning to the next level.  Some of the things you can do with these applications include: Learn English pronunciation from native speakers, easily save web content to Google, search YouTube without having to stop the video playing, learn basic math skills through challenging games and activities, unshare sent files in Gmail, create interactive and engaging videos by adding polls, short questions and quizzes, create beautiful presentations and animations  using drawn images and stick figures and many more.
1- ELSA Speak

‘ELSA is an artificial intelligence coach who will help you perfect your English pronunciation.Some of its features include: Practice frequently-used English words, phrases and sentences; ELSA provides you with instant feedback to fix your pronunciation errors; Pronunciation dictionary to help you check your own pronunciation of any word in English.’2- Save to Google

‘Easily save interesting webpages to Google with the new Save to Google extension. One-click save: Click the star to save webpages for later viewing. Easily navigate your saves via an intuitive visual UI. One spot for webpages and Images: Your saved webpages and saved images from Google Image Search will live together at google.com/save.’
3- QueueTube for YouTube

This is a great Chrome extension that allows you to search ‘ YouTube without stopping the video, and make your own playlists! You can search YouTube videos in the background, and make ad-hoc playlists!’4- Quick Math – Mental Arithmetic

‘ Practice your mathematics while racing the clock in this innovative app. Featuring advanced handwriting recognition and a beautiful interface, Quick Math will take your general arithmetic skills to the next level. Quick Math is perfect for students in grades 2 to 6, or for anyone wanting to improve their general math skills. With multiple difficulty levels and a focus on self-improvement, Quick Math provides increasing challenges as your skills develop.’5- Digify for Gmail – Track & Unsend Attachments

‘Know when your Gmail attachments have been read. Unshare files even after sending. Limit access to just the right people…Tracking for the email attachments you send in Gmail. Self-destruct or Unsend file attachments, even after sending, and never risk your information falling into the wrong hands. You can now do all these right inside Gmail.’6- Vizia

Vizia is a web tool that allows you to create interactive and engaging videos. You can ask questions, multi-choice quizzes, and collect feedback through your videos.You can also use it to insert polls, and short answer questions into your videos with a ground-breaking new interface. Videos created via Vizia are embeddable anywhere online.7- LiquidText – PDF and Document Reader

‘LiquidText offers gesture based reading and annotation for documents (PDF, DOC, PPT, web pages).Read in ways not possible on paper. LiquidText gives you the tools to pull out the key facts from all your sources and integrate them together, focus on what matters, compare different pages or documents, take notes, and build upon thoughts. Improve the way you read on the iPad with LiquidText.’8- ChalkMotion

ChalkMotion is a collaborative library of simple hand drawn images and online presentation tool, designed to help visualize and share ideas. You can use it to create beautiful educational presentations using a wide variety of stick figures and drawings.
9- ABBYY TextGrabber

‘ABBYY TextGrabber + Translator easily extracts text from a variety of printed sources, such as books, magazines, ads, timetables, etc. by using the device’s camera. With its quick text capture (60+ languages) and translation (90+ languages) features you can digitize printed information and translate it into your native language anywhere, anytime.’10- Tolks

‘Tolks.io is a free platform to easily and visually put talks, conversations, stories, scenes (and what not!) online.’Sourse: Product Hunt

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