Four Interesting Educational Google Apps for Teachers

July 3, 2016
In today’s post we are featuring four excellent Google Apps from Collabrify. The apps have received some good ratings in Google Apps Marketplace and are really worth the shout-out here. Besides being integrated with Google Drive, the apps offer a wide variety of useful features. Some of the things you and your students can do with them include: collaborate in real-time on writing a document (Collabrify Writer), use KWL to learn and explore new concepts (Collabrify KWL), work collaboratively to design beautiful flipbook style animations and drawings (Collabrify Flipbook), and create mind maps and showcase progression of ideas (Collabrify Map).1- Collabrify Writer

‘With Collabrify Writer, students and teachers can work together in real-time to answer a teacher’s questions or write an entire document of their own. Writer has two different views: Question & Answer and Document view. In Q&A view, students can collaborate to answer questions. Teachers can even use Writer’s Google connection to add images or videos to their questions. In document view, students can team up to write out a full piece of writing. Use Writer and the other apps in Collabrify Suite to “collabrify” your classroom!’2- Collabrify KWL

‘Collabrify KWL allows students and teachers to utilize the educational standard KWL format in new and exciting ways. In the application, students can work together, in real-time, to share what they know and want to learn about a concept. Then, after a lesson, they can go back and synchronously share what they learned from class. Use KWL and the other apps in Collabrify Suite to “collabrify” your classroom!’3- Collabrify Flipbook

‘Collabrify Flipbook enables students to work together, synchronously, in real-time, to co-create drawings or even “flipbook” style animations. On Flipbook’s canvas, students can draw freehand, insert different shapes, include a photo and then draw on top of it or label parts of it with text, as well as combine multiple pictures to make an interesting animation. Use Flipbook and the other apps in Collabrify Suite to “collabrify” your classroom!’4- Collabrify Map

‘Collabrify Map allows teachers and students to show the relation or progression of ideas. Within each “node” on the map, students can work together to add notes with more information, or add images using their Google Accounts. Map can make any standard flowchart more interesting, exciting and interactive. Use Map and the other apps in Collabrify Suite to “collabrify” your classroom!’

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