Google Released A New Platform to Help Kids Learn Coding

July 17, 2016
After the release of Google Cast, a screen sharing tool for teachers to use in classrooms, Google announced the launch of a new platform called Project Bloks. This is a research project whose purpose is to help kids learn about coding and, more specifically, physical coding. The purpose, as Google stated, is to ‘to create an open hardware platform to help developers, designers, and researchers build the next generation of tangible programming experiences for kids.’

Project Bloks is made up of three main elements: Pucks, Base Boards, and Brain Board. Pucks  come in different shapes and forms and can be programmed to perform different functions (turn on/off, jump …etc), Base Boards read instructions embedded in pucks through a capacitive sensor, and Brain Board provides connectivity and power and can read instructions from Base Boards and send them via WiFi or Bluetooth to connected devices.’Some examples of the things kids can create using Project Bloks include: Sensor Lab (This kit would allow you to experiment with sensors and map an input to an output, like switching on a light if the temperature dropped.), Music Maker (with the Music Maker you could compose a track using computational thinking by inputting different instruments, layering and looping sounds, and then playing it through a wireless speaker.), and Coding Kit (With this kit you could put physical code together to send instructions to toys around you — like controlling a robot to create some art.)Watch the video below to learn more about Project Bloks

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