3 New Features to Help You Effectively Curate Web Content Using Feedly

April 7, 2017
Feedly has recently added some new interesting features to improve the way you save, read and share web content. With these new features, users will be able to create boards,  highlight salient part of stories, and add notes. Feedly’s boards feature is similar to the one in Pinterest. Boards help you save and organize web content you come across online. You can easily create boards for different topics and start arranging your content accordingly. And if you work in teams, you can create Shared Team Boards where you and your teammates can save and view each others stored content. The boards feature is available for all Feedly plans (basic, pro, and teams).

The two other features newly introduced in Feedly are notes and highlights. These are available only for Pro and Team plans. Pro Feedly users will be able to highlight important passages in saved content and add their own notes. ‘Highlight the most important passages to make it easy for your colleagues and other executives to scan through stories. Since stories saved to Boards never expire, you’ll be able to revisit these notes and highlights in the future.’

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