An Excellent Online Reading Assessment, Especially During Distance Learning

If you’re looking for a way to assess students’ reading (especially during distance learning), Literably may be very helpful.

What is Literably?Literably is an online oral reading and comprehension assessment. Students read aloud and answer questions on a laptop, desktop, Chromebook or iPad. Literably scores the assessments and returns them to you within 24 hours. You get an audio recording, a running record, comprehension questions, a retell, and the student’s A-Z guided reading level.

Why Literably?Remote Assessment You’d like to monitor students’ reading during distance learning.
End of Year Levels You’d like to find end-of-year reading levels for your students.
Time You’re spending days of instructional time assessing students’ reading.

How can I try Literably? Literably offers a 2-week whole-class free trial. After the trial, Literably typically works with schools and districts. However, in light of COVID, Literably is offering a discounted teacher subscription. You can learn more at, you can sign up here, or you can schedule a time for a free trial training.

Who uses Literably? 

Literably has scored over 1.2 million assessments for over 100,000 students at hundreds of schools. For a third-party perspective, Dr. Nancy Frey wrote this post featuring Literably. And here’s a video of one school’s experience:

More Questions

Is Literably really accurate?

Literably selects graders based on scoring accuracy. Even after accepting a grader, Literably does random checks to ensure all graders are maintaining exceptional accuracy. If you’d like, you can easily try it for yourself and compare the audio to the running record.Is there research on Literably?

Does Literably offer resources for remote assessment? 

Yes, Literably has developed a family-friendly letter that you can modify and send home to families, including a video and slides that introduce families to Literably.

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