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How to Decide What to Write College Essay About

When writing about your passion, you can show the reader that you know your subject. Use a sample essay or one you’ve written for another college to make the writing process easier. Remember that it’s not about the number of essays you write, but the quality of your writing. Listed below are some tips to help you decide what to write about in college. All of these tips will help you write a compelling essay.


College professors read countless essays, and they probably get bored with the same old research and dull style. If you want to get the highest grades possible, include a little humor in your essay. The key is to make your essay flow naturally and not try to force humor. It must flow naturally, so the reader doesn’t get the impression that you are trying to be funny. Here are a few tips for incorporating humor into your essay:


When choosing a topic for your college essay, creativity is a good choice. Although your professor may not give you explicit instructions, he or she will provide you with the general framework. Creative writing requires you to explore your subject and use various techniques to make your point. Creative writing uses metaphors, epithets, and other literary devices to help you illustrate your point. You can also use visual clues to help you decide how to end the piece.


One of the best topics for a college essay is introspection. This type of essay is focused on the student’s personal values, growth, and uniqueness, rather than simply describing a moment in their lives. Most essays on this topic focus on personal experiences, not just events or places. Here are some suggestions for writing essays on introspection. You may not think of these subjects as college essay topics, but they should be.


Although there are many formulas and tried-and-true methods to writing a college essay, the most successful essays are those that avoid them and instead opt for specificity. Specificity is not only important in the first paragraph, but it should also be evident in the second paragraph and the conclusion, so make sure that you follow the instructions and use the right level of detail for each section of the essay. The final piece of your essay should be a reflection of your thoughts and ideas, so be sure to reflect upon how you can improve your work.


You can write about a quirk in a college essay if it’s related to your unique personality or the school’s mission. The admissions team is interested in your unique personality and would like to know why you enjoy this particular trait. Quirks can be in the form of language or traditions. Whether they are negative or positive, they can tell a story about you and your unique qualities. Listed below are a few examples of interesting quirks and how to use them in a college essay.

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