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What to Write For College Essay

When determining what to write for your college essay, there are a number of topics to choose from. One of the most common prompts asks you to describe a personal transition or a pivotal moment in your life. These events should be significant, and should be the focus of your essay. Below are some suggestions for essays to consider: Personal story, Single story, Vignette, Montage, and more. If you aren’t sure what to write about, consult your college’s application guidelines for assistance.

Personal story

Your college essay should be a reflection of who you are. While you can write about your hobbies, intellectual interests, work experiences, or a significant one-time event, it should also tell a story that will capture the attention of an admissions officer. A personal story that is unexpected or unique is likely to be the most memorable. Whether your passion is Korean dramas or a yearly road trip to a historical site, your essay should be memorable and add value.

Single story

One of the pitfalls of a college essay is the use of a single story. While Chimamanda’s speech is a powerful example of how a single story can make a difference, it also has some negative side effects. For instance, it can lead to typecasting, and even the acknowledgment of human equality becomes problematic. A single story can be both personal and political. Moreover, it can be a source of misunderstanding for those who don’t know the story behind it.


To write a vignette for college essay, you’ll need to research a relevant issue or topic. Ideally, your vignette will be brief, but it should highlight the main issues and barriers to accessing life in your culture. In this critical approach, barriers to access are not physical, but structural: race, age, socioeconomic status, and power. You should also identify the key issues and strengths of each vignette.


The montage structure allows you to focus on certain experiences within one story line. Instead of writing one lengthy essay, you can create several short stories that highlight different aspects of your personality. This structure is reminiscent of the way scenes are arranged in a movie. Most films feature a montage of scenes. In your college essay, you can create a similar type of structure. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits and disadvantages of this structure.

Approaching the subject from a specific angle

The first step in writing an excellent college essay is to think about the subject you’re going to write about. The Common App provides a series of topics that most students will be asked to write about. Once you’ve chosen your subject, you need to come up with an angle that is unique to your perspective. Here are some tips for finding that angle. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to writing an amazing essay.

Using a strengths quiz

The StrengthsFinder framework is based on positive psychology, which focuses on individual strengths. Using this tool, people can discover their natural talents and discover ways to cultivate them. The strengths questionnaire has thirty-four categories that identify your natural talents. These categories are then divided into four themes: creativity, leadership, social skills, and health. You can use these categories to write a college essay that will demonstrate the impact of your unique talents on the school.

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